Our Goal

The Government of India recognizes ‘Health for All’ as a national goal and expects medical training to produce competent “Physicians of First Contact” towards meeting this goal. The M.B.B.S undergraduate medical education training program is designed to develop an Indian Medical professional who will have the necessary competencies to function appropriately and effectively as a General Doctor, physicians of first contact for the community in the primary healthcare setting of both urban as well as rural areas of India.

Our Vision

VMCH is started with a vision to be a model for medical education, research, and to serve the people, with a special focus on the rural population. The aim is to provide the underprivileged with highly advanced medical facilities and educate them about prevention from illness.

Our Mission

Is to develop one of the best health care professionals who are compassionate, committed to providing, highest standards of patient care through:

  • Student-centered innovative teaching methodologies equip them to develop critical thinking skills and to become lifelong learners committed to continuous improvement of skills and knowledge.
  • Clinical transformation, as Healthcare Professionals, who is ethical, responsive, and accountable to patients, community, and profession and makes a valuable contribution to patients and healthcare as individuals and as responsible members of society.
  • Igniting innovative learning habits in young minds to reach their fullest potential.
  • Acquiring team building and communication skills to enrich their healthcare practice in any setting and make them globally competent healthcare professionals.
  • Promoting original research in basic and clinical sciences among students and faculty bound by good ethical practice.