Physiology Lab




This department aims to impart knowledge on major physiological systems and explains the connection of cellular, molecular and biochemical processes that underlie system function.

Salient Features

  • The lecture galleries are spacious, fully air conditioned with 175 seating capacity, well equipped with the latest multimedia audiovisual aids and also equipped with facilities for E-learning.
  • Well-equipped laboratories like haematology, clinical, mammalian, amphibian and research
  • Demo hall capacity for about 75 students


To emphasize the homeostatic interactions that take place between those component physiological systems and that give rise to the integrated functioning of the human body.

To provide a conceptual background for the function and interplay of human organ systems and provide brief introduction to topics that would be dealt at length in the upcoming years comprising of pre clinical and clinical subjects.

We employ a wide range of innovative teaching methods like, symposia, seminars and integrated learning. Much of clinical medicine relies on understanding molecular, cellular and organ-system physiology and we take meticulous care to lay a strong foundation.

Future Plans

  • To become a centre of Academic Excellence for Clinical Genetics
  • To Establish Post Graduate and Allied Courses
  • Promoting innovation  in Research and Clinical Sciences amongst students and faculty