Bio-chemistry Lab


The department aims to impart knowledge skill and attitudes in three core areas – undergraduate teaching, good quality diagnostic medicine and research.

The broad goal of the teaching undergraduate students in biochemistry is to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.

The clinical biochemistry lab is attached with the hospital which has the facility to conduct routine and specially tests by using the latest technology. Hospital has a laboratory information system (LIS) for speedier and accurate generation of reports.

The faculty and students are encouraged to do research and publish scientific papers.


Is to develop expert health care professionals, committed to provide, highest standards of patient care in India.

Salient Features

The lecture galleries are spacious, fully air conditioned with 180 seating capacity, well equipped with the latest multimedia audio visual aids. We also use E-learning for healthcare professionals for learning and training enhancement.

  • Well-equipped laboratories demo halls(for about 75 students)
  • Student centered Innovative teaching learning methodologies, are used to equip them to develop critical thinking and to become a lifelong learner to enrich their health care practice in any setting.
  • Roundthe clock central diagnostic lab
  • Departmental library is well equipped with various national and international books and journals
  • Central research facility for conducting specialized research in clinical endocrinology.

Future plans

  • To be a Centre of excellence for clinical endocrinology and
  • To establish post graduate and allied health sciences
  • Promoting Original research in basic and clinical sciences among students and faculty bound by good ethical practice