Anatomy Museum



The aim of the Anatomy department is to provide detailed understanding about the structure of Human Body.

The Broad Goal of Teaching Modern Human Anatomy to MBBS Students is to make them understand the structure of human body in at micro and macro level. This enables them to enhance their skills to become  efficient Surgical specialists like General Surgeons, Ortho and Obstetrics etc.


To prepare outstanding Health care professionals having Academic brilliance and practical understanding to provide excellent patient care.

Salient Features

  • The Lecture Theatres are spacious to accommodate 180 students. They are well equipped with modern gadgets and A-V aids.
  • Ideal Dissection Hall has the capacity to accommodate 180 students to teach excellent Cadaveric Anatomy by dissection  The aim is to provide the hands on experience to hone the skills.
  • Dissection Hall has 16 large tables and 14 small tables. There are about 8 cadavers being used in teaching Cadaveric Anatomy i.e., One Cadaver for 20 students each. The Dissection Hall in our Institute perfectly fulfills the caption i.e., ‘Dead Teach the Living’
  • Museum:  We have a rich museum having about 470 specimens (Both Wet and Dry). Museum also has about 14 Articulated and 20 disarticulated skeletons along with Good Bone The instruments to teach  Imaging Anatomy like Radiographs, CT films, MRI films are in good number. Good number of Gross and Embryology charts are available.
  • Histology Lab:  The Institute has well equipped Histology Lab with 90 compound microscopes of high quality and 30 Dissection microscopes. Good number of Ideal sets of slides of General and Systemic Histology are available. The Lab is associated with Research Lab and Tissue processing unit where students can learn skills to prepare slides.
  • Demo Rooms:  Department has 2 ideal Demo Rooms of 75 seating capacity, well equipped with audio-visual aids, like overhead projector and LED Screen.
  • Departmental Library is well provided with International Journals and books for reading and reference.

Future Plans

  • To become a Centre of Academic Excellence for Clinical Genetics
  • To establish Medicine Post Graduate and allied healthcare courses
  • Promoting innovation in Research and Clinical Sciences amongst student and faculty.

Dissection Lab