• The student shall attend all classes, tutorials, lectures, group discussions, lab, and clinical postings on time. Students who come late will not be given attendance and may be denied entry to the class.
  • The student shall not misbehave in the campus/class or behave arrogantly, violently towards faculty, staff and fellow students.
  • The student shall obey the instructions given by the Faculty/staff members and shall always interact with them with due respect.
  • Every student shall maintain strict discipline within the campus, hostel and outside of the Institution.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or any prohibited substance are banned inside the campus.
  • Use of any electronic gadgets including mobile phones inside the classroom, dissection hall, practical lab, clinical postings, examination hall and library are prohibited.
  • Possession of fire arms, lethal weapon, explosives, or dangerous substances are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  • No student shall take part in any undesirable activity like ragging or involve himself/ herself in any political or other movements in any manner during the course of study in VMCH.
  • No student shall indulge in acts of any violence, sexual harassment etc.,
  • Any loss, misuse or damage to the library textbooks, lab equipment shall attract necessary charges to repair or replace in addition to the fine/penalty.
  • Any damage caused to apparatus, furniture or any other articles due to their negligence, carelessness or wantonness, shall be viewed seriously and damage costs shall be levied from the student.
  • Each student should behave with other students in such a manner respecting each other’s feelings and creating congenial atmosphere to live together pleasantly.
  • No student shall involve or encourage other students in fighting. Similarly no student shall participate or initiate any form of bullying.
  • The students shall read the notices, communications, sent to their mail IDs, whatsapp, or displayed in the notice boards.
  • Keep the campus clean by not throwing litters around.
  • The students shall attend all the class tests, IA, and model examinations. Attendance for FA, IA, and model examinations are compulsory
  • The student are expected to have the necessary percentage of attendance as prescribed in course regulation to qualify for appearing for the University examinations. Those who fail to secure the minimum attendance prescribed shall not be permitted to take University examination.
  • The students shall not absent himself/herself without submitting leave letter to the HOD/Vice Principal/Dean concerned. If any student is absent without prior permission, it would be treated as unauthorized absent.
  • Any candidate who fails to pass the University examination of VMCH as prescribed shall have the course extended according to the regulations of the course of study and such candidate shall have to pay tuition fees and other fees for the extended duration of the course also.
  • Admission of students shall be cancelled in case of not submitting the required documents, failing to fulfil the required eligibility criteria of the program, submission of incorrect and/or fake documents, admission gained by any fraudulent means at any stage during the entire program, and not paying the stipulated fees on time.
  • All students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Institution. Failure on part of students to follow the same shall result in punishment including warning, fine, cancellation/withholding of scholarships, award, prize, results etc., expulsion from the hostel, institution, cancellation of examination result, suspension from the institution, suspension from the hostel etc.,
  • The decision of the Dean, Vice Principal, and Head of the Departments with regard to disciplinary cases shall be final and all students shall abide by such decisions.
  • Students should wear clean, and neatly ironed formal dress / uniforms, wherever prescribed.
  • Students are advised to follow the dress code in the college during lectures, practical, dissection, library, labs, clinical postings and any formal function of the Institution.
  • All the students must wear their overcoats and ID cards during working hours.
  • Male students must come with clean shaven face and their shirts tucked in.
  • Slippers, sports shoes and sandals are not permitted; wearing formal shoes is compulsory.
  • Female students should tie up their hair.

Every student shall maintain the minimum attendance required to qualify to appear for the University examination, as prescribed by the NMC/University. Similarly, attendance for Formative Assessment (FA), Internal Assessment (IA), and model exams is compulsory. Students who fails to secure the required attendance prescribed in each subject shall not be permitted to take up the University examination in that particular subject(s).

  • On admission of candidates, all the fees, viz., annual tuition fee, registration fee, health insurance, caution deposit, transport/hostel and mess fee, etc., as applicable, shall be paid on or before the prescribed date without fail. Any delay in fee payment will attract penalty. If a candidate fails to remit fees within the last date, he/she will forfeit the admission to the concerned course.
  • For subsequent years the fees shall be paid on or before the specified date as notified to the parents/students and/or on notice board of the institution. Late payment if any will attract penalty.
  • Similarly, examination fee, as prescribed and notified shall be paid on time. Late payment if any will attract penalty. However if the student fail to pay the examination even after lapse of period specified for payment with fine, such candidates will not be issued hall tickets and shall be debarred from appearing to the University examination.
  • Every student is required to pay their tuition and other applicable fees for each academic year until they complete their period of study without any arrear subjects during the course period. In case they fail to pass the semester/annual examinations in either the first year, second year, or Final Year Part I and Final Year Part II, they are considered to be under a Break of Study and must pay the required fees as fixed by the University/Institution. This Break of Study fee also applies to students who have not appeared for examinations on their own or have arrears or have been detained for various reasons, thereby extending the duration of the study period. Candidates with an extended period of study must pay the additional tuition fee for such an extended period.
  • All fees once paid to the institution shall neither be refunded nor adjusted for any other payment under any circumstances.
  • The Institute/University has the right to modify the tuition, hostel, transport, examination, and other fees from time to time, which will be applicable to both newly admitted and existing students.
  • Any student who fails to complete the course of study, and/or qualify, and/or complete the internship within the period prescribed by the NMC shall be discharged from the said course. He/She will not be permitted to attend the classes, internship, or write examinations thereafter.
  • Any student who applies for discontinuance or discontinues on his/her own from the course to which he/she has been admitted, for any reason, will have to remit the tuition fee and other applicable fees for the entire/remaining course period. All documents pertaining to the student will be held by the Institute/University and will not be returned until all payments for the entire/remaining course period are made to the Institute account.
S. No. Description Fine (Rs.)
1. Unauthorized absence from class 500
2. Possession of electronic gadgets in the classroom and examination hall 500
3. Unauthorized stay in the hostel during college hours 1000
4. Unauthorized absence from formative assessment 1000
5. Usage of two-wheelers within the campus with doubles and triples 500
6. Wearing non-uniform attire, such as jeans and t-shirts 500
7. Wearing slippers 500
8. Untidy appearance 500
9. Beard and uncut hair 500
10. Not wearing an ID card 500
11. Unauthorized absence from Internal Assessment:
Not permitted to attend classes until the students, along with their parents, meet the Dean.
12. Any repetition of the above violations will attract a fine ten times the approved amount. -