To foster the development of successful doctors and capable students well-equipped to ace all competency examinations, and to ensure that our MBBS students seamlessly transition to PG on their first attempt, we have established a partnership with Marrow. Marrow is a NEET PG/NExT preparation platform that undergoes peer review by India's leading medical faculty and NEET PG exam achievers.

Marrow boasts a QBank featuring 20,000+ MCQs, 1000+ hours of recorded Master Classes, and 300+ tests, including All-India Grand Tests meticulously crafted by medical professionals. Trusted by over 500,000 students, Marrow has become the gold standard for the new pattern NEET PG. It undergoes frequent reviews to stay abreast of changes in the exam pattern, incorporate the latest questions, and align with current trends.

Within Marrow, our MBBS students are offered access to the Creator+ platform