VMCH hostel offers both air-conditioned and non-AC single and shared room options, featuring basic furnishings and ensuring uninterrupted water and power supply. Additional facilities for students include a gymnasium, sports amenities, laundry, and Wi-Fi service.

The commitment to safety and security is upheld by wardens, supervisors, maintenance staff, and security guards. The dining halls in the hostels are clean, spacious, and wellventilated, offering hygienic, wholesome, and nutritious food.

  • The VMCH Hostel provides accommodation exclusively for its registered students. Oversight of the hostel falls under the jurisdiction of the Dean/Vice Principal and is directly managed by the Chief Warden and Residential Wardens. These authorities have the discretion to enforce rules and regulations, and their decisions are deemed final.
  • Separate accommodations are provided for male and female students. Admittance to the hostels is at the discretion of the College and Hostel administration. Enrollment in the college does not guarantee automatic hostel admission. Hostel admission can be declined without providing specific reasons. Students seeking hostel accommodation must submit a formal application after being admitted to the college, accompanied by the required fee. Prior to admission, each student and their parents are required to submit a written undertaking affirming adherence to hostel rules and regulations.
  • Residence in the hostel does not guarantee accommodation for the subsequent academic year. Students are typically not permitted to extend their stay beyond a specified period from the date of college enrollment. The Hostel office operates during regular working hours on all working days. Any concerns or complaints should be submitted in writing to the Warden for appropriate action.
  • Students must obtain prior permission from the Dean/Chief Warden before vacating the hostel. Approval for departure should be requested through a formal letter submitted to the Dean. Students may leave the hostel only after obtaining approval from the authorities, settling outstanding dues, and fulfilling other prescribed formalities. If a student applies to vacate the hostel within six months of admission without a valid reason, they will forfeit the entire caution deposit.

1. Room allocations are determined by the Chief Warden.

2. Hostel residents are prohibited from subletting their rooms or accommodating guests.

3. Furniture rearrangement between rooms is not allowed.

4. Residents are responsible for the care of furniture and fixtures in their assigned rooms. Costs for repair or replacement of damaged or lost fittings and furniture will be collected from the respective students. If responsibility cannot be determined, costs may be distributed among all residents.

5. Use of any electrical devices other than mobile phones in rooms requires prior permission from the Wardens.

6. Hostel residents are advised not to keep valuables in their rooms, as the hostel administration is not responsible for any losses.

7. Hosting guests in hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. Residents with unauthorized guests may face expulsion and fines.

8. Visitors may only be entertained in designated visitor's rooms during specified visiting hours (04:30 pm to 06:30 pm). Visitors are not permitted inside the hostel.

9. Hostel residents are responsible for meeting their visitors in the designated visitor's rooms. Cross-gender visits to hostel rooms are not allowed.

10. Possession or consumption of narcotic drugs or liquor or any other substance abuse within the hostel or campus is strictly prohibited. Smoking is prohibited across the entire campus. Violation may result in expulsion.

11. Gambling within hostel premises is strictly prohibited.

12. No hosteller is allowed to collect money from fellow residents.

13. Unauthorized meetings within the hostel or campus are not permitted.

14. Exhibition or distribution of posters, pamphlets, and notices within the hostel without permission is prohibited.

15. Vandalism and damage to hostel property are strictly prohibited, and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.

16. Students without identity cards will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.

17. In case of illness, immediate notification to the Warden is required, and the affected student will be admitted to the hospital. Sick students are not allowed to stay in the hostel for more than 24 hours.

18. Advance written notice of vacation plans must be provided to the Warden, including departure and return dates.

19. Students wishing to stay with local guardians must submit a written request, duly signed by parents, via post or mail, and obtain permission from the hostel warden.

20. Forgery, untruthfulness about whereabouts, and receiving unauthorized visitors are considered serious offenses, liable for suspension or expulsion. The University/Institution will not be held responsible for any mishaps under these circumstances.

21. Hostel authorities are not responsible for any negligence on the part of students. Students are advised not to keep money and valuables in their rooms. Students must use their locks and keys for their rooms and lockers.

22. The hostel authority is not liable for the loss of money or valuables. Students are responsible for their belongings.

23. A committee led by Dean/department heads will examine cases of indiscipline among hostel residents, and their decision will be final.

24. Inmates are allowed to go out with prior permission on Sundays and holidays between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, accompanied by parents or an approved authorized attendant.

25. Lights must be switched off by 12:00 midnight, and corridor lights by 9:00 pm.

26. All inmates must be inside their respective hostels before 9:00 pm

27. When leaving the room, inmates should lock it and turn off lights, AC, and fans.

28. Newspapers are not allowed in rooms, and cutting portions of newspapers is prohibited.

29. Waste must be disposed of in designated bins

30. Pets are not allowed inside the hostel.

31. The dining section of the hostel is overseen by the Warden.

32. All hostel residents must dine in the hostel mess.

33. Mess service hours are as follows:

  • Breakfast: 07:00 am to 08:00 am
  • Lunch: 12:00 Noon pm to 1.00 pm
  • Tea: 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm
  • Dinner: 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

34. Utensils from the mess should not be taken to the room. Meals are not served in rooms, and residents should not take meals outside the dining hall.

35. Guests are generally not allowed to dine in the hostel.

36. Special diets may be provided for sick individuals.

37. Hostel residents must not enter the kitchen and should report any issues with kitchen staff to the Warden or administration.

38. Students must clear all dues upon completing their course; otherwise, "Completion Certificate"/"Transfer Certificate," etc., will not be issued. If necessary, actions may be taken to recover dues through appropriate means.

39. Vendors are not allowed in the hostel.

40. Hostel residents are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings.

41. The Warden will establish rules governing the use of telephone, television, library, room, recreation room, and laundry. All residents are expected to abide by these rules.