As part of hypertension awareness program initiative, a selfie booth was installed along with a BP checking counter at the VELS Medical College and Hospital with the objective to raise awareness about hypertension, encourage regular blood pressure monitoring, and educate individuals about the risk factors and preventive measures for hypertension. By incorporating a selfie booth, we aimed to make the experience engaging and memorable, thereby increasing participation and retention of the information provided. A selfie booth was set up adjacent to the BP checking counter, where healthcare workers were stationed daily. The booth was designed to be attractive and informative, featuring educational materials on hypertension, including risk factors and preventive measures.

Trained healthcare workers measured the blood pressure of patients and visitors. Individuals received immediate feedback on their BP readings along with guidance on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. After recording their BP, individuals were encouraged to take a photograph in the selfie booth, holding a placard displaying their BP reading. The booth included informative backgrounds with hypertension awareness messages.

The program was conducted over the course of one month, from May 17 to June 25, 2024. A significant number of individuals, both patients and visitors, participated in the program. Over 1,500 BP readings were recorded during the program period.

Participants appreciated the interactive and engaging approach of the program. Many individuals found the educational materials provided in the selfie booth to be informative and helpful.