On May 17th, students from VELS Medical College and Hospital organized a road rally as part of a comprehensive hypertension awareness program. This initiative aimed to educate the local community about hypertension, its risks, and preventive measures. The rally was a significant event designed to reach a broader audience through active student participation and community engagement.

Over 100 students from various departments volunteered to participate in the rally. Educational pamphlets, banners, placards, and posters were prepared. The materials included information on hypertension, its causes, symptoms, and prevention strategies. A route was planned that covered key areas of Manjankaranai Village and nearby localities to ensure maximum visibility and reach.

The road rally commenced at 9:00 AM from the main gate of VELS Medical College and Hospital. Students marched along the designated route carrying banners and placards with slogans and information about hypertension. They engaged with community members, distributing pamphlets and answering questions.

The event provided students with a valuable opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting and engage with the community.